Manufacturing and COVID-19

The unprecedented crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak has changed the manufacturing landscape in the UK and across the world. At the IfM, we are doing our best to support the manufacturing community and the UK response during this period of uncertainty, addressing the immediate challenges whilst also preparing for the longer term recovery.

Our work is this area is built not just on contributing to an effective immediate response, but on making sure that the lessons learned from this crisis are used to make for a more resilient and sustainable manufacturing industry.




We have released a range of research and analysis examining some of the immediate challenges and responses to the crisis as well as the longer term implications for governments and industry.




IfM staff, researchers and students are also collaborating directly with the healthcare sector to improve equipment production, testing and coordination.


How to help


We also continue to provide a list of ways to support the local, national and international response. See our list of resources to find out how you or your organisation could help.

For further information please contact:

Jason Naselli

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