Dr Veronica Martinez

University Lecturer

Veronica Martinez joined the Cambridge Service Alliance in January 2014 to work in the Shift from products to services’ project. Veronica is a visiting professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Prior she worked at the Cranfield and Strathclyde Universities as researcher and lecturer.  Her major research interests revolve around the fields of strategic service performance, value creation and performance measurement and management systems. Veronica has led and participated in large European and UK research projects in products and services.  She works in multidisciplinary teams investigating and supporting organizations in their servitization journeys such as, MAN Trucks, Microlise, Roll-Royce, Rockwell, among others. Before her academic career, she worked in Daimler-Chrysler, Highland Spring, COMIMSA and Daks Group. Veronica is an active organizer of conferences' tracks and panel sessions in conferences such as Production and Operations Management, Academy of Management and PMA. She is a member of the manufacturing futures network. She is a permanent and occasional reviewer of high impact journals such as the international Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Operations and Production Management and Production, Planning and Control.



Veronica has been working in the strategy management field since 1998 and has supervised 21 master, doctoral and post-doctoral students. Before her academic career, she worked in the automotive industry, where she coordinated the launching of a new manufacturing quality assurance system. Veronica has worked with organizations such as Daimler-Chrysler, Highland Spring and COMIMSA. She has also participated in different projects including European projects with Pegout, Fidia, Iparlat and EFESO.




How Digital Twins Disrupt Service Business Models


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Book chapters

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Martinez V. (2013); “60 seconds with Dr Veronica Martinez - The Value of Performance Measurement” 


Martinez V. (2013); “60 seconds with Dr Veronica Martinez - Overcoming the Pitfalls of Performance Measurement” 

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