Michèle joined IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) in 2012 to transfer knowledge and research outcomes in product and process innovation and technology management into industry. She is particularly interested in strategic technology management and the global dimension of innovation.



Michèle has been providing consultancy services in technology management and manufacturing for over twelve years across various industry sectors, including aerospace, defence, electronics, fabrication, industrial automation, software and telecoms. Much of her work has involved incorporation of new technology and consideration of environmental and sustainable manufacturing. She has helped organisations with technology strategy analysis, new product introduction, technology roadmapping, technical design reviews, and industry/market trends analysis.


Michèle also worked as a part-time Research Associate in IfM’s Centre for Technology Management from 2009-2012, developing practical tools to assist industry with technology-based emergence and innovation development.


Current Role

As an Industrial Associate with IfM Education and Consultancy Services, Michèle’s focus is primarily on mid-cap companies and business units of multinationals, ensuring effective implementation of the practical tools and techniques developed within IfM to provide growth in company revenue streams.


Michèle has recently been involved in design, development and delivery of multi-module bespoke courses, including training on new product introduction, innovation, roadmapping and strategy in executive education.  She has also been working with companies to implement strategic and technology roadmapping and taking forward research outputs in evaluation and selection of new technology projects.



Michèle has an MSci (Hons) in Physics with Electronics from the University of St Andrews, a PhD in Microelectronics at the University of Southampton and an MBA (Distinction) in Technology Management from the Open University.  She is a Chartered Physicist and a Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Published Papers

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[Selected by the journal’s editorial team as the Outstanding Paper of 2014.]


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Conference Papers

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