Mariam Helmy Ismail Abdelaal

PhD Student

Current Research:


Mariam joined the Centre for Strategy and Performance in October 2015 as a doctoral student under the supervision of Dr. Khater. Her research focuses on the effective alignment of functional strategy and business strategy through the utilization of knowledge management systems. The research explores this problem in the context of firms working with “Big Data”, and how they can use this valuable resource to enhance their competitiveness through strategic alignment.




Mariam holds a first degree in Construction Engineering with honors from the American University in Cairo (AUC) with specialization in Construction Management and Technology and a minor in Business Administration. She has also successfully completed her MPhil in Industrial Systems Manufacture and Management at Cambridge University, where her dissertation explored the process for identifying innovation capabilities in Egypt’s heavy industry.


Before coming to Cambridge Mariam represented her university’s Construction Engineering Association in Cairo and was recognized for her outstanding accomplishment as a high board member. She was also an active member at the National Model Arab League in Washington, the International Conference on Global Economy in Cairo, and the Model United Nations in Greece.


Mariam has worked as a Managing Partner in an international fittings company in Egypt, where she primarily focused on business development initiatives and reshaping the intra-organizational culture.


Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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