Marc Felske

PhD Student

Academic interests

  • Venture capital and early-stage venture valuation
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Open Innovation

Research Project


Early-stage ventures have little to no track record which renders commonly used financial metrics for later-stage investments inapplicable. Hence, founders of these ventures find it difficult to demonstrate the value of their business to potential investors.

Some ventures, however, are embedded in a rich social network of collaborators such as universities, accelerator programmes, investors, and mentors. Insightful network information can be revealed through Social Network Analysis. This information, in turn, can be highly valuable for investors in terms of facilitating due diligence and predicting future firm development. In addition, this opens the opportunity for entrepreneurs who are aware of their social network to set their business apart from the competition and ultimately prove the value of their business.

The aim of this research project is to design a framework enabling the assessment of young firms’ social networks. The qualitative and quantitative metrics of this framework are developed in close collaboration with entrepreneurs, investors, and an industry consultancy which has been using Social Networks Analysis for years.





Marc joined the Centre for Technology Management in October 2016 under the supervision of Professor Tim Minshall. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University, respectively. During his studies, he specialised in the field of plastics technology and technical fibres. In early 2016, He joined the Institute for Manufacturing as a visiting graduate student research for his master’s dissertation in the field of medical technology applications which make use of 3D Printing.

Before coming to Cambridge, he has worked for Covestro, a leading German chemical company, as Technical Sales Representative.

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