Mudassar Ahmed

PhD Student

Current Research:

Mudassar Ahmed is a doctoral researcher supervised by Professor Duncan McFarlane. His main area of interest is Additive Manufacturing (AM), more commonly known as 3D Printing (3DP).


Currently, Mudassar is investigating the use of AM at three well-known levels of operational strategy i.e. on a strategic level as an enabler of competitiveness; on a tactical level to hedge against uncertainties; and on an operational level in the achievement of smooth production flow. He uses game theory to examine the potential of AM against conventional tool-based dedicated manufacturing (DM) to address demand uncertainty (rush order, a late customization request, etc.) in a competitive production environment. This is with a view to help in technology selection decisions (AM vs DM). His research will offer an industrially accessible decision support tool for the adoption and effective deployment of AM in a production environment.



Mudassar is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer; he completed his MPhil in Nuclear Energy at the University of Cambridge and has obtained BEng Hons with First Class from the University of Manchester. He has partly completed his undergraduate studies at National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan.

Upon completion of his MPhil, Mudassar worked for Siemens AG as a Graduate Development Engineer where he helped in successful commissioning of two projects.

With his interest in consultancy, he has completed Cambridge Consulting Network’s (CCN) project for a global automotive leader, and has participated in a prestigious McKinsey Insight Programme. Mudassar is a gold medalist and an MPhil Scholar in Nuclear Energy. He has received a Doctoral Training Award (DTA) and was also offered an EPSRC funded PhD upon completion of his undergraduate studies. He has recently been awarded King’s supplementary Exhibition Fund as well as CUED grants. He is a certified PASS (Peer- Assisted-Study-Session) leader, captains Cambridge University Korfball Club (2nd) team, a FIFA enthusiast, and a proud member of King’s College, Cambridge.


Research Interest:

  • Additive Manufacturing (or 3D Printing)
  • Technology Choice
  • Game theory
  • Responsiveness



  • McFarlane, D. C., Ahmed, M. (2018). Selecting Additive Manufacturing or Dedicated Manufacturing: A Strategic Technology Choice. In Connected Everything.
  • Srinivasan, R., Giannikas, V., McFarlane, D., Ahmed, M. (2016). Customisation in Manufacturing: The Use of 3D Printing. In Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi- Agent Manufacturing (pp. 215–223). Springer, Cham.
  •  Ahmed, M., Chan, K. J. D., McFarlane, D. (2019). A Game Theoretic Approach to assessing Additive Manufacturing as a Strategic Choice.


Professional Affiliations:

  • Associate Member, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Member, The Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Member, Ahmadiyya Muslim Research Association




Contact Details

T: +44 (0)1223 764306
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