Katie Menzies

PhD Student

Current Research

Katie Menzies studies the benefits, limitations, and future direction of mobile medical apps in clinical and home care settings. Her focus is on apps like Medical Calculator, AirStrip OB, and iTinnitus. These apps show the huge range of medical apps that are already available and boundaries future apps can push further: support for clinical decision making, access to patients’ health records across the healthcare pathway, and patient self-diagnosis and health management.    



Katie’s interest in the intersection of healthcare and design started during her undergraduate engineering studies at Carnegie Mellon University.  During a Human-Computer Interaction class she helped develop Guru, an integration of hardware and software to create a digital power-wheelchair coach.  This showed her the power of user centre design techniques to drive development of a medical device that meets patients’ and medical professionals’ needs.  She went on to graduate with honours with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, a double major in Biomedical Engineering, and a minor in Computer Science. 

Katie’s interest in healthcare and design continued to develop during her next four years in industry while she worked for Johnson & Johnson and completed their Information Technology (IT) Leadership Development Program.  She spent time in both Pharmaceutical R&D and the Medical Device and Diagnostics division. She worked as an IT project manager, software developer, and user-experience/ graphical user interface designer.  

Her research interests reflect these life experiences as she looks to bring business and academic insights into the growing field of mobile medical apps. 


Research Interests

  • User Centred Design and Inclusive/Universal Design: their techniques and processes.
  • Software for healthcare professionals: its development and use. 
  • Innovation adoption in healthcare and its impact: what are the intended and unintended consequences?
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX). 

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