Jonathan Hughes

Industrial Associate


Jonathan is an Industrial Associate whose focus is large company and public sector projects, as well as international development projects. He has worked with a number of companies on strategy design, change management, workforce planning, sustainability, capability mapping and technology roadmapping, providing in-depth analysis of the issues concerned.

He was previously a Policy Fellow within the Centre for Industry and Government, which he joined from the Distributed Information & Automation Laboratory in mid-2005. Jonathan attended university in Edinburgh and Toulouse before coming to Cambridge, and obtained degrees in French and Philosophy prior to joining the Engineering Department.


Outside engineering, Jonathan's interests range across a number of areas; he has published work on the subjects of moral philosophy, personal liberties within political systems and the evolution of terrorism since World War Two. Jonathan is a member of Pembroke College.



  • Livesey, F., O’Sullivan, E., Hughes, J., Valli, R. and Minshall, T. (2008) A pilot study on the emergence of university-level innovation policy in the UK, CIG Working Paper

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M: +44 (0) 7786 934978
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