Dr Doroteya Vladimirova

Senior Research Associate

Doroteya Vladimirova is the Director of the Regenerative Business Models Programme and a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Industrial Sustainability. She is a Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).


Doroteya’s research focuses on how business is taking on the most pressing global challenges relating to finite natural resources, enhancing livelihoods, reducing poverty, protecting ecosystems and tackling climate change, to turn them into market driving opportunities. Doroteya is a multidisciplinary qualitative scholar. She has spent the past ten years studying servitization of manufacturing, industrial transitions, business model innovation, sustainable value creation and industrial symbiosis.


Research areas


  • Regenerative Business Models
  • Sustainable Value Innovation
  • Circular Economy Transitions
  • Resource Synergies


Doroteya’s current projects include H2020 SCALER (Scaling European resources with industrial symbiosis) and TRUST (Twinning for industrial sustainability). She also works with SMEs in the fashion and textiles industry to help them develop and adopt circular economy business models.


Business Transformation Sessions


Doroteya translates her academic research into business practice. She has developed an evidence-based method to help startups and large established companies identify a series of strategic shifts that lead to the creation of new business models. Her latest tool - the Sustainable Value Proposition Builder - was developed to support the design and communication of value propositions to multiple stakeholders participating in the design of sustainable business models.


Doroteya applies her method in a series of interactive workshops - the Business Transformation Sessions - which she runs all over the world and online with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, sustainability and circular economy champions in large organisations, and strategy consultants to help them create the next wave of regenerative business transformation. The Business Transformation Sessions are hands-on and fully immersive workshops. They are both experiential learning opportunities for teams and a proven way to gain concrete, strategic deliverables. The workshops range from a few hours to a few days.




Doroteya has been a long-term contributor to the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership graduate programmes in various roles:


  • Academic tutor on the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business (Value Chains Stream).
  • Academic supervisor on the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership.
  • Leads the Sustainability Leadership Lab on Business Model Innovation for the Circular Economy.


Doroteya is often invited to speak on the topics of sustainable value creation and business model innovation for sustainability. She advises leading global brands and startups on creating high impact business models.




Doroteya holds a PhD from Cranfield University. Her dissertation entitled Transformation of traditional manufacturers towards servitized organisations proposed a way for navigating the servitization journey of product-centric manufacturers towards service-oriented business models.


Doroteya brings extensive experience to her research from her early government and industry roles. Before academia, her career spanned over a decade across the fields of international affairs and trade with national and foreign governments, and international business with global brands. She worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US Commercial Service at the American Embassy in Bulgaria. She received five Meritorious Honor Awards for her work in promoting international trade at the latter. In the private sector, she worked for Marcus Evans and General Motors.


Recent academic publications


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Trade articles


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